12-team snake draft tonight on Yahoo! (9:00pm EDT) - $50

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We have one or two spots left in friendly ($50) 12-team fantasy football draft tonight (online draft via Yahoo starts at 9:00pm). If you (or anyone you know) is interested, confirm via the link below (or ask me any questions). All skill levels welcome.  Please confirm your spot (and pay for your team) via the link below, or send me any questions (

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Let me know when you get down to one where you need one owner because I did this the other night... guy thought he had 11 so I was 12th and turned out I was the ninth then the time where we were supposed to draft happened and we didn't do it we finally got the 12 but it was a half hour after our starting time so Yahoo locked us out so we never did draft we all paid and we had to reschedule it from last Wednesday night to now it's Monday and it was just an all night mess ...guys were whining complaining when you get 11 let me know I might be your 12 but I won't let you hang I'll let you know what I'm doing

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