Crazy to get both Bell & David Johnson in auction??

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I'm in a standard 10 team yahoo auction league (start 2 rbs, 3 wrs, no flex - none ppr).  I'm thinking about breaking the bank for Levon Bell and David Johnson and then going cheap everywhere else.  If I get those two, I would only get one other running back to cover me on bye weeks, then load up on wide receivers and hope a few of them stick.


My thought process is if I get those two running backs right off the bat, most of the other teams will be fighting over the other ones, which will drive up the prices on them.  I've also found that in these leagues, most people spend a ton of money early so there are some great bargains to be had later (in my auction last week, Rishard Matthews, Garcon, Mike Wallace, Eric Decker, Jeremy Maclin, Tyrell Williams and John Brown all went for $1 and guys like Devante Parker, Stefon Diggs, Brandon Marshall, Emmanuel Sanders and Jamison Crowder all went for under $5.


I'm thinking that, worst case scenario,  I end up with a roster like Luck and Palmer (who has great matchups the first couple weeks while Luck is out) at QB, Bell and David Johnson at RB and someone like Rob Kelley for bye weeks, a high-upside TE like Doyle or Hunter, and load up with 7 wrs like Garcon, Decker, Maclin, Rishard Matthews and hope a few of them either bust out or at least have good matchups each week.

Best case scenario, I get Bell and Johnson for cheaper than I'm planning and I get more money to spend at WR and/or the other teams spend too much money early so I have more to choose from at WR.




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Whats your spending cap?Think your gonna kick yourself in the head for spending most of your money on the 2 top rbs that have more chance of getting hurt than any other positions. Your not in a PPR so your Also going to miss out on any receptions those 2 will rack up. Also your gonna be the one that has no bidding power for wr te or qb the rest of the auction. Do you really want to have virtually no choice when it comes to drafting the rest of your team?

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I did it last year and made it to the finals but lost. If you do it just make sure you line up some cheap high upside WR's

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