Trade Zeke for Bell?

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Would you trade Zeke for Bell? With Elliotts uncertainty still for the season would it be worth it to trade for Bell. I took Zeke in the 3rd round and the guy who owns Bell is a Cowboys fan. I happen to be a Steelers fan. It's a standard league but to me Bell still has more upside cause he's going to get a lot of touches. Below is my roster

Cousins, Zeke, Murray, Julio, Crowder, Stewart, J. Rogers, Kelce, Landry, Forte, Coleman, Mariota.

I tried to trade him Julio but he's wr heavy already. We can start up to 4 wr or 4 rbĀ 


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I think there about even . Giving Zeke is playing all season he's just about the same value as Bell. It's a coin flip and the trade should go through giving he biased opinions of the reams there on.

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