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Wondering about my team...lots of RBs

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QB: Newton/Tyrod

RB: Mccoy/Howard/Fournette/Miller

WR: Fitz/Sanders/Marshall/Decker/Wright/Shepherd/Tyrell Williams

TE: Walker


Wondering if I should make any moves? This is a 10 team .5 PPR league. Would love an outsider's perspective. Thank you!

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I agree that you need to get one really good receiver and that you should try and move Howard for him. Especially in PPR. Make sure you get a stud for him. I doubt you get a top tier Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, etc., but you could probably bag a next tier down Amari cooper, Michael Thomas, Brandon Cooks type. I would look to target a trade with someone who's loaded at receiver with 1 or 2 to spare and is really hurting for a RB. If that's the case you can go for one of his best receivers to see if he bites. If not you can always move down to his next guy. It's always best to try and trade with someone who's desperate for a position you can spare one of because they'll probably be willing to trade you more than they would otherwise. 

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