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What's the weakest spot on my team?

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I’m in a 12 team .5ppr keeper league.  QBs get 1 pt for every 25 passing yards, 4pts per passing td and -2pts for every turnover (so great QBs don’t score a ton, but bad QBs can kill you).  I love most of my team (Hunt, CJ Anderson at RB, Beckham/AJ Green at WR and either McCaffery or Tyreek Hill at flex depending on matchups) but have Cam Newton at QB and Brate/Clay at TE.  Because of our QB scoring, Newton scares me because I could see his lack of accuracy leading to 200 yard, 1 td, 2 int games (which would be 8 points in our league) and neither TE will give me an advantage over any other team at TE.  I know it’s early, but if you could only upgrade one, would you upgrade Newton or Brate/Clay?

The QBs I might be able to get are Mariota, Wentz, Russell Wilson, Prescott, Derek Carr
The TEs I might be able to get are Gregg Olsen, Hunter Henry, Jimmy Graham, Eifert, Ertz

The way I see it, none of the QBs available except for Carr are huge upgrades over Newton so I should focus on TE.  Maybe try getting Hunter Henry or Graham on the cheap?  

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Watson is available, do you see him as an upgrade over Brate/Clay?  I figure he's in the same tier where he'll have some good games and some horrible games.


I was going to target Wentz or Carr, but trying to come up with a trade that benefits them but doesn't require me giving up a starter.  I'm going to try offering Theilen and Clay for Wentz and Greg Olsen (he has Mariota so he doesn't really need Wentz and we have an IR spot so I can hold onto Olsen until he returns, then use my open roster spot to pick up Watson).


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