16 team true salary cap league needs owner

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WE have a 16 team salary cap league set up with salaries based on there 3 yr avg...You have a team that has to start 21 players offence and idp also..You have a salary cap to keep yr round..You keep 12 keepers every yr to go into next season.Then do a draft none snaked based on your record.The league has run for 14 yrs with great owners.....Its based on a real league setup..You start 1 qb 1 rb 2 wr and 2 offence player and 1 te on offence then 4 db 3 lb and 3 dl and 2 dp on defense a head coach and kicker..Its a great league but u have to play cant just set back and do line ups..We need a great owner that would love to get in ..Let me know if you want in..please no slags...We just kicked out a owner for not trying..

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