longest fantasy yard Idp salary cap league needs one active replacement owner

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Hey sports fans looking for an idp league with large rosters and lineups, look no further. we need one more player to replace an owner doesn't matter if it's your first time with dynasty or you a seasoned veteran the team is paid for for the year.

This is a 32 team idp/ppr salary cap league that will only cost you 5 bucks.....wait 5 bucks?! yup and for 3 teams at the end of the year there is even a payout. I am looking for owners who enjoy the challenges of single copy 32 team leagues, we have large rosters, and also a taxi squad.

these are the links to different site resources feel free to take a look

and here is the general league settings

here is a copy of the open team
Boykin, Trevone FA QB
Newton, Cam CAR QB
Ajayi, Jay MIA RB
Barner, Kenjon PHI RB
Kelley, Rob WAS RB
McNichols, Jeremy FA RB ®
Develin, James NEP FB
Cruz, Victor FA WR
Godwin, Chris TBB WR
Inman, Dontrelle LAC WR
Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR
Braunecker, Ben FA TE
Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE
Swoope, Erik IND TE
Gould, Robbie SFO PK
Fairley, Nick NOS DT
Jefferson, Quinton FA DT
Reed, Jarran SEA DT
Bennett, Michael SEA DE
Crick, Jared DEN DE
Mauro, Josh ARI DE
Barrington, Sam FA LB
Beasley, Vic ATL LB
David, Lavonte TBB LB
Shazier, Ryan PIT LB
Suggs, Terrell BAL LB
Walden, Erik TEN LB
Awuzie, Chidobe DAL CB ®
Bausby, DeVante FA CB
Butler, Malcolm NEP CB
Griffin, Shaq SEA CB ®
Taylor, Jamar CLE CB
Antone, Beathe AIR S
Ward, T.J. TBB S
Weddle, Eric BAL S
anyone Intrested can post here or shoot me an email at

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