Chris Conte Week 8 projection

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Since the return of TJ Ward week 6, it appears he is splitting time at Safety with Chris Conte, and Justin Evans is the Safety staying on the field. So why the high projection for Conte? It seems to me Evans is the best Safety play. I've read that even though Evans is technically a FS, he doesn't play the typical FS role in Tampa's scheme. He has played 100% of the snaps two of the last three weeks, the third week was 88% (don't know if the drop was injury related or not). Conte's only played 57% of the snaps for the last two weeks, Ward's played 55% and 35%.

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Their DBs aren't easy to project and if I told you how I came to Conte's week 8 projection of 7-2-0 (he finished 8-1-0, 1INT, 1PD) I'd have to kill you ;) 

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