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I was offered Keenan Allen and JuJu for my Michael Thomas.  Should i accept?


My WRs are: M Thomas, Fuller, Jeffrey, Crowder, C Coleman (IR spot)


Redraft league NOT dynasty

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I think I would take that too! If it’s dynasty then hell yeah! But in redraft, I might wanna keep Michael Thomas!

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How I view it.


Keenan Allen and M. Thomas are both neck and neck with targets/catches/yards and TD's. 

Michael Thomas is slightly the better of the two though.

Both Thomas and Allen have fairly easy play-off schedules.


Juju is clicking with Big Ben, and was behind Martravius Bryant in offensive snaps to start the season.

The past couple games, JuJu has slowly dominated Martravius Bryant in offensive snaps and seems to be filling the spot nicely.

Only bad thing is that they didn't trade Bryant before Tuesdays deadline, so Bryant is still apart of the offense and will be lingering around.

But juju is cementing his role in the Steelers offense, and will be solid flex play for the Steelers.

He is 2nd on the Steelers receiving Corps for yards, right behind Brown.


I would probably accept the trade, your definitely getting a little more value for M. Thomas, but not drastically.

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