SNF Pats/Broncos

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Holy cow Wade's been a DC or HC for the last 35+ years straight (last time he wasn't he was the DL coach with Oilers. That is half of his life :bow:


Wade Phillips pro football coaching history


I don't know if every team he took over got better, but I know he's heralded as a good defensive mind.

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2 hours ago, NAUgrad said:

All I know is that wherever he's gone, the defense immediately gets better.  We used to have the same issue with an offensive line coach years ago.  When he left the oline was bad.  They would hire him back and immediately the oline got better.  Sigh!


That would be Alex Gibbs. He was the Offensive Line Coach (Zone Blocking Scheme) for the Broncos, as follows:


1984-1987 (Offensive Line Coach-Broncos)

1995-2003 (Offensive Line Coach and Assistant Head Coach-Broncos)

2013 (Offensive Line Consultant-Broncos).


...and yes, he was most welcome at Dove Valley!

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