Season on the LINE Please SOME INPUT*****???

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Hey guys havent been in here in a bit but i need some input.


Down 5 points in standard 




He has Gano and Landry 


I have either Parker or Funchess



I invested a 6th round pick in parker think hes more talented and has higher upside than funchess...


im banking on maybe 110 and a td and landry gets a 3 for 30 nigh and gano gets 9 


What do you guys think cutler has eyes for parker 

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I hope you are right about Parker. I'm pretty much in the same situation as you tonight, the guy going against me however is down by 11 and has Landry going tonight. I have the option of starting Parker or Funchess tonight but I'm still debating. I'm leaning towards Parker because like you said Cutler looks his way alot, but then again Funchess saw a bunch of targets last week as he is Newtons new go to guy. 

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Tough one bud.  You could honestly flip a coin.  If I had to choose, I would go Funchess simply because I think the Carolina D will make it tough for Cutler.

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