CLE, ind, chi fans... Fear the Fisher

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He lucked into McNair (who was already there) and Eddie George. And he was a defensive guy his whole career leading up to getting the HC gig. When he became a head coach, he was responsible for the offense. I am not sure who was responsible for drafting decisions. At TEN, he had 8 different offensive coordinators over 15 years.  He had a couple in  5 years with the Rams. I think Fisher is a great DC, but he's never focused as much on the offense as the defense.  He's never had much better than an average offense and usually much worse. I will concede that Fisher the last two seasons had a tougher time from the move to LA. But I think he has consistently shown he doesn't have good offenses and this is a different NFL now than 20 years ago when he was at his best.

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That's basically where I was going.  If he has a good OC he could work well.  Maybe.  :)

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