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One-and-Done Playoff Contest (Old School)

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Just over 24 hours until kickoff.  I've got about 50 paid participants, with a few more lineups than that already set.  It's really hard to say what the final tally will be, because there are at least a few returning participants that will set their lineups at the last minute (tonight or in the morning), but I would guess that we will be in the same ball park as the last two years (around 70 people total).  Maybe even a few more. 

This is a great way to make the NFL playoffs a bit more interesting.  Overall winner will be taking home somewhere in the range of $500.  And, in the past two years, out of nine possible payouts, I paid eight and nine different winners (in 2015 and 2016) respectively.  In other words, it's a great combination of paying out a decent top prize, but also spreading the pot around a bit. 


If you want in, or know somebody else who does, post here or send me a PM with your/their preferred email address.  :)


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