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Dynasty Trade Help

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2qb dynasty league (see sig) with very deep benches. I have been offered the following:


Eli Manning + one of the following WR: Shepard, Doctson, Agholor, Ross




Mitchell Trubisky


Thoughts on this? Eli has said that he wants to come back and play for the Giants, or for another team. He had a bad year due to a plethora of injuries. He could come back next year and be the same old Eli Manning (just 2 years ago he threw 35 TDs). 


Do you think Trubisky will develop into a 2qb starter in the next 2 years? I know he didn't have much to work with this year, but I didn't see a whole lot of potential tbh. The Bears could add some receivers and o-line pieces in the off-season though...   


Of those WR listed, who do you like the most? Doctson scares me if Cousins doesn't resign with the Redskins. I'd lean towards Agholor due to the fact that he plays with Wentz, but that is only guaranteed for 1 more year. Ross could be good, but who knows until he gets on the field! 


Thoughts? Thanks!

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I don't fully trust Trubisky and I don't like the offense in Chicago.  I'd hold onto Eli, in the right situation with the right WRs, he could be a useful QB2

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