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That's Fantasy Football for ya....

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In the semi's I posted my highest score of the season and took care of the Gurley team.  In the finals I was done Sunday, posted my lowest score of the season, and was up by 25 going into Christmas day games where my opponent had Big Ben and Crabtree.  I all but conceded thinking there's no way Big Ben and Crabs combine to score less than 25.  I didn't see much of the Christmas day games and wasn't until I looked on Tuesday to see "Champion" next to my team!  Only then did I realize Ben sat for most of the 4th qtr because they were up so much and Crabs had the big goose egg.


Its a yahoo league consisting of family members only...winning some cash is great but bragging rights for a year is priceless :)


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Get this! I won 2 champs in the final game of my fantasy season!


In one league, by the end of the xmas day games I was up by 8.58 and my opponent still had Jeffery and Elliot on Phili. Long story short Jeffery scores 0 and Elliot scores 8. I hang on to win by .58!


In my other champ game I was up by 18.4 and my opponent had Ertz on. Ertz ends up scoring 17.10! Another champ won!! 


That game took some years off of my life haha! 

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