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What do people think about all-play leagues?  Anyone in them?  Are there any BOTH leagues that do all-play?  It seems to me this would be a much better way to run a league, that it would remove a lot of the luck involved in scheduling.  Can't do much about the luck involved with good players having bad games etc but that's kinda the crux of FF anyway.  What's not is scoring the 2nd most points in the league and getting a loss out of it.


I'd be interested to hear from people that are in all-play or even VP leagues as long as there's a big all-play component to them.  Do you lose much by going away from head-to-head?  Does it change how you run your team or plan/participate?


I'd love to start a BOTH all-play league if there aren't any already.

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The absurdity of this hobby is what makes it fun.


"Elation and agony, all tied up in some arbitrary set of rules that assign number values to yards gained, balls caught, and touchdowns scored, which are linked to a sport all with its own arcane regulations and idiosyncrasies."  Monty Phan, 2017.


In my mind, weekly head to head battles against one opponent are the essence of why you play the game.  For casual leagues, I prefer them to be decided on nothing more than record against one opponent for each week.


To the contrary, any high stakes league worth its salt, should also reward teams with the most total regular season points to the similar extent as the teams with best record.  This is the best compromise IMO.  If 4 teams make the playoffs,  2 teams make playoffs with best record and the other 2 go in on total points.


I'd have little interest in going head to head against the entire league every week.  I'd much rather draft 30 rounds before the season starts and play best ball for total point prizes at the conclusion of Week 16. If you want to minimize bad luck, then do best ball.   When Giovanni Bernard scores 30 points in week 16, he won't be on your bench costing you thousands of dollars because he was never serious consideration as a flex play. :angry:

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We do a combo.. main standings are h2h, top 5 h2h get playoff spot then the team with best all play of the remaining 7 teams gets wildcard spot. Often times in our league the all play wildcard team is a team that has scored a significant anount of points but had poor schedule luck and happened to go up againt the highest scoring team that week.. so the all play wc rewards a very consistent team and takes a little bit of the bad luck out. I got wc this year with a 6-7 record yet had the 2nd highest point for and the highest points againt. Went on to win title.

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