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Will be a dispersal draft, still awaiting word from 1 team.  I do have some people already interested, and am looking for those with salary cap and idp experiance


Auction for F.A., 8 round rookie draft picks will be in the dispersal draft.

Salary cap 

$30 buy in through leaguesafe




Open team 1

Open team 2

Open Team 3

Open Team 4


3 1sts and 4 2nd round picks will be part of the draft (including 1.02 1.07 1.10 2.01) plus other picks (33 in total)

all 2019 picks are in tact, 1 franchise player per team allowed for players on expiring contracts, as well as 1 contract renegitation (more or less years is allowed) for a player with more then 2 years left on their contract.


we are set to get this going then proceed with all other offseason league activities.


 Send me a pm or post if interested.  

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2 of the team owners from my 12 team league has asked for spots, still looking for a few more experianced owners 

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