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AFL - Constitution

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Table of Contents

1 League
1.1 League Size
1.2 League Sites
1.3 League Calendar
1.4 Conferences and Divisions
1.5 League Hierarchy
1.5.1 The League Commissioner
1.5.2 The Assistant League Commissioner
1.5.3 Treasurer
1.5.4 Player Commissioner
1.6 League Rules
1.6.1 Rule Changes
1.6.2 Commissioner Rulings
1.7 League Costs / Payments
1.7.1 League Costs
1.7.2 League Payouts

2 Franchise Ownership
2.1 General
2.2 Cost
2.3 Owner Replacement

3 Franchise Management
3.1 AFL-Devy Bucks
3.2 Rosters
3.2.1 In-Season
3.2.2 Off-Season
3.2.3 Final Roster Declaration
3.3 Developmental Taxi Squad (DTS) and Devy Squad
3.3.1 DTS
3.3.2 Devy

1 League

1.1 - League Size
The AFL-Devy League will consist of xx franchises with each owner maintaining the same team each year. No owner will be allowed to have more than one team in the league.

1.2 - League Sites
The league will be maintained through 

The AFL-Devy message board will be located at

1.3 - League Calendar

Feb 15 - League Payment Deadline

Feb 15 - Contract rollover day and trading resumes

Mar 14 - First offseason waiver run

April 2-23 - RFA

Apr 25 - Second offseason waiver run

Apr 30 - Teams awarded $100 Devy bucks (or at completion of RFA)

May 7 - Rookie draft starts


??? - Third/fourth/fifth offseason waiver run


September 5th at 12 noon Pacific time - Final roster declaration due

1.4 - Conferences and Divisions

Beavis Division - 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th place finishers from previous season


Butthead Division - 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th place finishers from previous season

1.5 - League Hierarchy

1.5.1 - The League Commisioner: Gordon Liddy (Darin)
The Commissioner is responsible for conducting league business, arbitrating league disputes, the running of all drafts, and ensuring correct weekly line-ups have been posted. The League Commissioner will be required to be completely MFL conversant prior to each season starting, must pay for (will be reimbursed from league fees), and setup the MFL site. The League Commissioner will ensure that the Assistant Commissioner has the current MFL site password.

1.5.2 - The Assistant League Commissioner: TFord (Tryston)
The Assistant Commissioner is responsible for communicating league concerns and business to the Commissioner and intervening in transactions that involve the league Commissioner. If the Commissioner is out of contact for any length of time, the Assistant Commissioner will to attend any matters requiring timely action. The Assistant Commissioner is also required to be conversant with MFL. The Assistant Commissioner is directly responsible to the League Commissioner. Additional duties with respect to rosters, etc.

1.5.3 - The League Treasurer: T_bone (Ted)
The Treasurer will set up and maintain the league PayPal account, receive and record all league fees, and be responsible for league pay outs. The Treasurer is directly responsible to the League Commissioner.

1.5.4 - Roster Commissioner: TFord (Tryston)
Duties to be determined, but will assist Commish/Vice with in-season and draft roster management.

1.6 League Rules

1.6.1 Rule Changes
League Rules will be reviewed annually during the month of March. Major rule changes can only be made through a league-wide vote requiring 67% yes votes for passage. {minimum number of votes?}

Votes will normally be conducted here on the message board. Commish and Asst. Commish will reach out to owners that fail to cast their vote in a reasonable amount of time.

1.6.2 Commissioner Rulings
Any decision made by The League Commissioner will be posted on the message board immediately and may be brought to a vote if two or more owners request a league wide vote. Seven votes will be required to overturn a Commissioner ruling.

1.7 League Costs / Payments

1.7.1 League Costs
The cost of a AFL-Devy franchise will be $30 for the inaugural season. In Year 2 (2018), the cost will rise to $40. In Year 3 (2019) and beyond, the cost will be $50. During rules review for 2020, we will vote on keeping the fee at $50 or raising to a cost to be determined. The official league payment method will be either Paypal or check/money order to the league treasurer. Those using MO's or Checks must remit their payment to the League Treasurer 10 days prior the payment deadline to allow for clearance. The payment deadline each year will be midnight Eastern Time on {need to decide on date; usually Feb. 1 but that's somewhat early}

1.7.2 League Payouts
Pay out will be 100% of franchise fees, minus the cost of running the page, which varies depending on discounts received (early bird, multi-league, etc.). All payouts will be made by either Paypal or check, and will occur within seven days of the week 16 Super Bowl, assuming winners provide their preferred method of payment (and corresponding address... either mailing address or Paypal address).

Payouts will be: 

1st - 45%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%

2 Franchise Ownership

2.1 General
An owner may not own more than one franchise. Owners can name their franchise whatever they choose. However, no owner may use language considered obscene, offensive, or insensitive. The League Commissioner will have the final say on what is allowed and what is not.

2.2 Cost
The cost of an AFL-Devy franchise will be $30 (in inaugural season - 2017), $40 (Year 2, 2018) and $50 (Year 3, 2019 and beyond). The official league payment method will be one of two ways: PayPal or check. The payment deadline each year will be midnight Eastern Time on {???} Failure to meet the deadline will result in a fine of two AFL-Devy Bucks per day up to five days. If dues are not paid within seven days, a new owner may be sought out, at the discretion of the Commish and Assistant Commish.

Absent extreme circumstances, such as a medical emergency, no refunds of league fees will be given out. Paying league fees implies a commitment to run the team for the full season.

2.3 Owner Replacement
If an owner chooses to leave the league or doesn’t submit a lineup for two consecutive weeks during the season, or isn’t heard from during the RFA signing period, a replacement owner may be sought, at the discretion of the Commish and Assistant Commish. Replacements will be initially recruited from persons known by others within the league. Prospective candidate nominations will be open for one week and will be submitted to the commissioner via PM or private email. (All replacement owner functions will be handled by private, league-wide, email and will not be discussed on the forum or at the MFL site.)

Once a confirmation has been received by the League Commissioner of a persons interest, a league-wide email will be sent for a "Replacement Owner Vote". A vote of 75% yes votes of ALL remaining league owners will be required to approve any replacement owner. If 75% is not reached, the search for a replacement owner will continue using the same format. Under no circumstances will the AFL-Devy Dynasty League require any prospective replacement owners to submit an "application" or "resume" for inclusion in the league.

Owners conducting themselves in a way perceived to be detrimental to the good of the league may be removed by a vote of 9 owners.

If an abandoned team is in the bottom half of the league a surrogate owner may be allowed to play in the league without the franchise fee for one year.

3.1 AFL-Devy Bucks
AFL-Devy Bucks are the official currency of the AFL-Devy Dynasty League. AFL-Devy Bucks are used to bid on Free Agents, Restricted Free Agents, and may also be used in trade situations. AFL-Devy Bucks not used during the season are carried over to the following season. Each team will be awarded 100 AFL-Devy Bucks upon completion of RFA and before the rookie draft each season. AFL-Devy Bucks balances will be maintained on the Accounting page on MFL. The Treasurer will advise the Commish and Asst. Commish of any issues they may see with respect to maintenance of AFL-Devy Bucks.

3.2 Rosters

3.2.1 In-Season
Each franchise will maintain an in-season active roster with a maximum of 40 players (Not including DTS or IR). It is the owner’s decision on how many players to carry at each position.

3.2.2 Off-Season / Final Roster Declaration
During the off-season (day after the fantasy Super Bowl, until roster declaration) there will be no roster size limitation. The final cut down date will be Tuesday after the final pre-season NFL game or Tuesday before the first NFL regular season game (whichever is later if there is any difference) at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Each team must designate a max 40 active players, 10 DTS players. and 3 devy players. On, or prior, to final cut down day, each owner must post a message in the league forum listing his: active players, DTS players, devy players, IR players, if any, and the number of contract years for each player on the active roster or IR. If a team does not meet this deadline, a penalty of $1/day AFL-Devy Bucks will be imposed. Commish and Asst. Commish, at their discretion, can seek replacement owner if roster declaration is not made before kickoff of the first regular season game.

3.3 - DTS and Devy 

3.3.1 DTS 
Each franchise will be allocated a Developmental Taxi Squad (DTS) containing up to 12 players. Players on a team's DTS in a prior year, along with any rookie additions, may be placed on the DTS. Additionally, any player in the first three years of their NFL career may be added to DTS, provided that they have never received a AFL-Devy contract. Years of service shall be determined by MFL. A player may remain on the DTS for a maximum of 3 years (or until they begin their 4th NFL season). The deadline for announcing DTS players will be in accordance with rule 3.2.3 final roster declaration.

3.3.2 - Devy Squad
Each franchise will also be allocated a College Developmental Squad (Devy), containing up to 3 college players. Players can be from any college team and have completed one year of college football (this eliminates the "gray area" surrounding early enrollees). Once selected by way of the Rookie/Devy Draft or free agency, these players can remain on each owners' team until they are drafted by an NFL team, at which time the owner must either sign the player to their active roster or place them on DTS. Each off-season, a combined Rookie/Devy" draft will occur. If an owner selects a devy player, they must cut one of their current devy players unless their prior devy(s) have been previously moved to their active roster or DTS. Devy players may be traded for other AFL-Devy assets (NFL players on active or DTS, future draft pick(s), and/or AFL-Devy Bucks.

Owners are only able to add devy players during the devy/rookie draft. As the league develops, we may entertain adding/dropping devy players. 


Note:  MFL adds rookies to its player database in the off-season.  DO NOT add rookies-to-be even though they are part of the MFL database.  They are considered devys until they are drafted.  Then they are draftable (and then addable after rookie/devy draft).

3.3.3 - DTS Activation
Players on the DTS are not eligible to start a game until they are moved onto the active roster. During the season players may be moved from the DTS to the active roster at any time, provided there is room on the active roster. The Roster Player Commissioner (or Commish) must be notified if a DTS player is to be put onto an active roster by posting on the message board. Players that are moved from the DTS to an active roster must immediately be given a contract and are now available to be in the weekly line-up. DTS players that are accidentally submitted into a starting line-up will be removed and that team will get 0 points from that position.

3.3.4 - Miscellaneous
DTS/devy players do not participate in RFA. Free agent rookies may be placed directly onto the DTS providing they are in their first three seasons and have never been on any Active Roster. Devy players must have completed one year of college football. Traded players may be put onto the DTS only if they were on the other teams DTS before the trade.

3.4 - Contracts

3.4.1 Contract Cap
Each franchise has a contract cap of 100 years, which cannot be exceeded. A player contract is the number of years that the player can remain on your roster without becoming a Restricted Free Agent (RFA). The deadline for announcing the length of new player contracts will be the same as the final roster declaration (as specified in 3.2.3). No team will be permitted to make any transaction that places them over the contract cap.

3.4.2 Annual Adjustments
Contract years conclude on February 15. All players who had only one year remaining on their contracts on February 15 become Restricted Free Agents (RFA). All players who have multiple contract years remaining on February 15 will be reduced by one contract year. On February 15, all teams recover any years encumbered by players waived during the year.

3.4.3 Dead Contract Years
Players dropped during the year will continue to count one year against the owner’s contract cap unless they are acquired by another team. Dead contracts will be tracked on the MFL salary adjustments page by the Roster Player Commissioner.

3.5 Injured Reserve

3.5.1 Limits
Each team has an unlimited number of Injured Reserve slots. Once a player is placed on Injured Reserve he must remain there for the remainder of that season unless dropped to the waiver pool. That player cannot be returned to the active roster during the current season. Once a player is placed on IR, the club can pick up another player but they must go through the Free Agent channel as with any other pick up. (This essentially allows the signing of another player with that one contract year and active slot.)

3.5.2 Dropping IR Players
Any player dropped from IR falls under wavier rules at the point he is dropped (one contract year continues to count against the team that dropped him.) If an IR player is dropped to the wavier wire, passes 1 week of waivers, and is then reacquired by the dropping owner, that player must be returned to the IR.

3.5.3 Eligibility
A player qualifies for the IR by being placed on a NFL PUP list or on the IR officially by an NFL team. 

3.5.4 Contract Implications
When placed on IR, a contract (salary) adjustment is made (on MFL) to reduce the teams overall years by one. All future contract years will continue to count against the franchise's contract ceiling. After contracts are reduced for all active roster players on 2/15, all players on IR will become part of the active roster. All salary/contract adjustments will be cleared at this time as well (on MFL).

4 Roster Moves

4.1 Free Agency

4.1.1 Eligibility
Any player not on a AFL-Devy League roster or DTS/devy squad is considered a Free Agent.

4.1.2 FA Schedule
FA begins the first Wednesday after the rookie draft and will run every other week until the first preseason game at which time it will run every week until the AFL-Devy Fantasy play-offs conclude, at which time FA ends. In addition, there will be 2 free agency runs prior to the rookie draft each year.

These will be on the first Wednesday in March, and the last Wednesday prior to the NFL draft.

FA is a weekly process that occurs on Wednesday evenings at 8 PM Eastern Time. No pick-ups are allowed after this time until the following Wednesday.

4.1.3 FA Bid Process
The FA weekly process will be conducted in a blind bid manner. AFL Devy Bucks are used to bid on free agents. The minimum FA bid is one AFL-Devy Buck. Teams may only bid up to the amount of AFL-Devy Bucks they have available. Bids must be in whole number increments. If the maximum total of all possible bids exceeds the team’s AFL-Devy balance, transactions will be nullified from last to first until the limit is met.

Bids for FAs must be submitted on the MFL website using the Add/Drops function in the For Owners drop-down menu. Bids received by any other means will be rejected. Multiple players may be bid on in each "round;" however, only one player can be awarded per round so multiple rounds may be required if an owner is attempting to win multiple players.

The MFL waiver process provides for several inputs, including: the name of the free agent(s) you want to acquire, the amount bid for that player, a conditional release notice indicating the player you will waive to make room for the new player, and a comments section for contract length or other notes.

Any bid that violates the roster limits without conditional release will be null and void. If multiple transactions are attempted, only the transactions that violate the roster limits will be voided.

If more than one team requests the same player, the team submitting the highest bid will acquire that player.

4.1.4 Tiebreakers
During the season: In the event that two or more teams submit the same high bid for a player, the Player Commissioner will award the free agent to the team with the worst record followed by the team that has scored the fewest points. During the off-season, the free agent will be awarded to the team with the worst record the previous year, followed by total points.

4.1.5 FA Contracts
FA pick-ups should immediately be signed to a contract during the season. If there's room on DTS and player is eligible, player will be put on DTS, otherwise a 1 year contract will be assigned after 24 hours or by kickoff of player's game, whichever comes first. Use MFL's "comments" section to indicate contract info or post in the weekly waiver run thread as soon as possible. 

4.2 Waivers

4.2.1 Contracts for Waived Players
When a player is put on Waivers, only his current contract year is counted against a franchise's contract cap. A team can only get relief for a contract after he is assigned a new contract by any team. All future contract years for players that are waived are then credited to the team.

4.2.2 Reclaiming Waived Players
If a franchise waives a player and wishes to reclaim that player, the player in question must clear waivers. (The releasing team cannot place a bid on the waived player until the second pickup date.) If the owner is successful in reclaiming their player, then the owner has the right to issue a new contract as long as it does not violate the team's contract cap.

4.2.3 Dead Contracts
Players who are waived and not signed by any other team during the year will each count as one year against the waiving team's contract ceiling until February 15. This 'cap hit' includes players waived during the off-season - even if the player retires or is physically unable to perform. Teams have until midnight Eastern on the Monday following the NFL Super Bowl each year to waive players in order to avoid having contract years count against them for the upcoming year.

4.3 Trading

4.3.1 Process
Trades between teams are unlimited. When a trade is proposed, the following will occur:
A. Offering owner must offer the trade using MFL.
B. Accepting owner must accept the trade using MFL. Note: if both owners do not accept trade in forum within 24 hours, the trade will be considered as "expired". In certain/special circumstances, notifying Commish/Roster Commish via email/text may suffice in terms of verification. 
C. Roster Player Commissioner will be notified via a post in the League forum stating that a trade has been offered/accepted on MFL by BOTH owners involved in the trade.
D. Weekly trade deadline is 24 hours prior to kickoff of any players involved

Any trade involving the Roster Player Commissioner will be adjudicated by the League Commissioner.

All trade that include AFL-Devy Bucks will be effective immediately upon League approval of the trade. Trades will not be approved if the team offering the AFL-Devy Bucks does not have the amount of AFL-Devy Bucks being offered. No "future" AFL-Devy Bucks will be allowed in any trade.

4.3.2 Deadlines
The weekly trading deadline is 24 hours before the start of game in which any player being traded is involved. The season trading deadline is 24 hours before the start of the week 13 NFL games. Trades will be put on hold for 24 hours from the time of acceptance by both owners on the message board, to allow for owner/Roster Player Commissioner inspection.

The AFL-Devy trading period resumes on February 15. Trades involving draft picks for the upcoming draft will be unlimited at this time. Dues must be paid in full for all owners involved in the trade before it may be processed.

4.3.3 Trading and Contracts
Traded players contracts will be counted against the total years available to his NEW team and removed from his prior team. Any exchange of players between teams cannot leave either team with more than 100 total contract years for all players or exceed the maximum 40 man roster. If any trade violates this rule, the Player Commissioner will delay the trade until such time as the affected teams can make room under the contract/roster cap.

4.3.4 Trading Draft Picks
Teams may trade picks from the current draft and the next immediate future draft only. If at any time a trade will result in an owner having fewer than one pick in the first three rounds OR less than 7 picks total (draft is set for 8 rounds) in the next year's draft then league dues for that year will be required from that owner before the trade is processed. The Player Commissioner will put the trade on hold until fees are received.

4.3.5 Vetoing Trades
If any trade appears to be one-sided or otherwise unfair, the league owners may be asked to vote whether the trade is allowed to go through. 7 "no" votes are required to overturn the trade.

A vote will be required for any trade when the Commissioner or Roster Player Commissioner request a vote. In addition, a vote will be required if 3 requests by post in the league forum are made within 24 hours of the trade.

5 League Play

5.1 Schedule
The length of the regular season will be 13 weeks. Weekly league games will be played head-to-head against opposing franchises. {additional notes on schedule}

5.2 Weekly Lineups
Each Franchise may start up to 8 Offensive and 8 Defensive players, for a total of 16 players, each week in accordance with the line-up guidelines below:
Pick 1 QB
Pick 1-3 RB
Pick 2-4 WR
Pick 1-2 TE
Pick 1 K
Total of 8

Pick 2-3 DL
Pick 2-3 LB
Pick 2-3 DB
Total of 8

5.3 Lineup Submission
The deadline for naming starters is set by MFL rules, but generally a player is locked approximately five minutes before kick-off. On Thursday night games, only those players in that night's game must be submitted. The rest of the lineup will not be due until approximately five minutes prior to that weekend's first game.

If no lineup is submitted, the lineup for that week will default to the previous week’s lineup. Every effort should be made to submit a complete lineup each week throughout the season. Owners continuously submitting line-ups with bye or out players will be subject to replacement under rule 2.3.

Players can only be inserted into a starting line-up at a position for which they are listed on their NFL teams depth chart. The official source for player positions will be Rotoworld, since that is what MFL uses for determining its positions.

5.4 Scoring
Scoring will be decimal based. Touchdowns scored by any player on an active line-up are counted. (Example: Tim Brown returns a punt for a TD, he is in that weeks line-up as a WR, he receives credit for the TD.) 

Scoring for current season located here:

5.5 Playoffs
The AFL-Devy = League play-offs begin on week fourteen of the NFL season. The play-offs conclude on week sixteen with the Super Bowl and Toilet Bowl.

5.5.1 Seeding
Six teams advance to the post-season, the best three winning percentages from each division with the division winners getting the #1 division seed.

Seeding tiebreakers will be: 

A. Head-to-head record - including group head to head winning percentage if more than two teams.
B. Total overall points
C. Conference record
D. All play record
E. Dice roll

5.5.2 Schedule
Week 14 - Wildcard Games: seed 1 receives a bye, seed 2 vs. seed 3 in each Conference.
Week 15 - Semi-Finals: seed 1 vs. remaining team in each conference.
Week 16 - Super Bowl: week 15 winners and Consolation: week 15 losers

5.5.3 Playoff Game Tiebreakers
Tie breakers used in the AFL-Devy League Playoffs for all playoff games in both the AFL-Devy Super Bowl division and the AFL-Devy Toilet Bowl division will be:
A. Total score of all bench players.
B. An advantage of 0.5 will be given to the home team to determine the winner. Home team is determined as the higher seeded team.
C. The Super Bowl and the Toilet Bowl tie breaking method will be: Since there is no home field in the Super Bowl or Toilet Bowl, in the event of a tie after tie-breaker method has been invoked, teams will submit a line-up for a Week 17 game. Same rules will apply in the event of a tie in Week 17. If the teams remain tied after week 17, they will select one QB from one of the NFL playoff teams. (The team with the most points scored during the regular season will pick their QB first, the other owner cannot pick the same QB.) The QB scoring the most points during the NFL Playoffs will determine the League Champion.

5.5.4 Toilet Bowl
The Toilet Bowl will be played over weeks 14-16. All teams not making the playoffs will participate in the toilet bowl pool week 14. A six {?} team bracket will then be drawn for weeks 15 & 16 consisting of the 4 lowest scoring teams from week 14. Losing teams will advance and the team losing week 16 will be crowned Toilet Bowl Champ for the year.

6 Restricted Free Agency

Once a player's contract expires, he becomes a Restricted Free Agent. RFA bidding begins {date} and closes on {date}. No new bids will be accepted after {date}; "bids in process" may continue beyond {date} until a final offer is reached for a player. After the RFA signing period, any players that did not receive bids will remain on the current team's roster at no cost.

6.1 Bidding Process
All RFA bids are made in the league forum and each bid thread title must include the player's name and current owner (example: RFA17 - Tim Brown, WR HB Longhorns, where 17 = current year) and the amount bid should be in the post. Owners may not raise their own high bids or bid on their own players. Once a bid is posted on a player, other interested owners may increase the bid. Owners may drop out of the bidding process for any individual player at any time unless they have the high bid. They may re-enter the process as long as bidding remains active for the player in question.

6.2 Bid Closing / Matching
Bidding will CLOSE on any player who doesn’t receive a bid for 24 consecutive hours. Once the auction is “CLOSED” on a player, the current owner will have 24 hours to match the highest bid and retain that player. If the bid is matched or 24 hours passes without a match then the auction will be marked “FINAL” for that player. The timer will NOT be turned off during weekends. The timer is turned off on Easter. Any bids made the Saturday prior to Easter will not close until the Monday following Easter. Any bids made on Easter will not close until the following Monday at midnight EST."

6.3 Overbidding
Owners who place bids must have enough AFL-Devy Bucks available to cover all outstanding high bids. If an owner overbids their budget at any time, that bid will be removed from the board. The highest bidder at the time of the overbid will be asked by the Commish/Roster Commish if they would like to maintain their previous bid. The overbidding owner can no longer bid for said player. (This exclusion will remain even if overbidding owner makes a trade for more AFL-Devy Bucks). All other bids placed by the offending owner will remain in effect. Anyone overbidding their AFL-Devy Buck balance will incur the following penalty(ies):

1st offense - $3 AFL-Devy Bucks fine. Bid is null and void.
2nd offense - $6 fine-Devy Bucks fine. Bid is null and void.
3rd offense - Owner is locked from remainder of bidding process in current RFA period (except matching). 

7 Rookie/Devy Draft

7.1 Draft
The AFL-Devy League rookie draft will start the second Monday after the conclusion of the NFL draft. The draft will proceed in reverse order based on the previous season's finish (total points as tie-breaker). The draft will last 8 rounds and will be a straight draft (non-serpentine). The draft will be conducted on MFL ( If an owner withdraws from the league during the draft, the draft will stop until a new owner is found and begin when the new owner is selected without penalizing the new team.

7.2 Eligibility
Only rookies and college players that have finished at least one year of college football will be eligible to be drafted. As defined by the NFL CBA, a Rookie is defined as a person who has never signed a Player Contract with an NFL Club previous to this year. An un-drafted Rookie means a Rookie who was eligible for, but not selected in a NFL Draft. 

7.3 Timing
There will be no timer in force during the draft. Each owner is encouraged to use pre-selects and make picks as soon as possible. If an owner is "on the clock" for more than 24 hours during the draft without prior notice, then that owner will be considered for replacement under rule 2.3.


8. Franchise Tags
Each year every owner may designate 1 player whose contract expires before the RFA period begins to be his franchise player for the year. The owner will tag the chosen player by posting the players name in the official franchise tag thread in the AFL-Devy forum. The cost to designate a franchise player is $5 AFL-D bucks, and that amount will be deducted from the team's official balance at the start of RFA. This fee is deducted regardless of the owner retaining or losing the player during the RFA period or via trade.

8.1 Franchise Tag Restrictions
Franchise tags are valid only for the team who issues the tag by posting in the franchise thread and paying the initial fee. The tag is non-transferable, from the time a player is tagged until all RFA bids close for that player, or the end of RFA, whichever comes first. In the case that a tagged franchise player is traded away during the aforementioned period between tagging and bid closing/end of RFA, the teams franchise tag will be voided for the year. The $5 tag fee is non-refundable.

8.2 Retaining a Franchise Player
Franchise players may be bid on by the league, but to retain ownership the franchising owner only has to pay half the amount of the high bid, or $5 AFL, whichever is greater. Owner does not pay both cost and high bid, just the greater of the 2. The full cost, minus initial $5 fee, will be deducted from the teams balance at the time of closing. 

If original owner matches, they are to be retained based on the following schedule, which is simply $10 per contract year:

1 year deal: $10
2 year deal: $20
3 year deal: $30
... and so on

8.3 Failing to Retain a Franchise Player
If current owner does not have the cash, or chooses not to match high bid of franchise player, said owner receives HALF the amount of high bid (rounded up), plus high bids 1st round pick in the upcoming rookie draft. If high bid owner does not have a 1st round pick in upcoming rookie draft, said owner pays his highest pick in that draft plus 1st round pick in the next draft. If said owner does not have a 1st round pick in 2nd upcoming draft, he pays his highest pick in that draft as well and his 1st round pick in the 3rd upcoming draft. High bid owner could be out up to 3 draft picks if he chooses to trade his 1st round picks, and bid on opposing owner's franchise players.

A) - If you only have your original 1st...... then obviously you forfeit that pick.
B.) - If you have multiple 1st. Rd. picks and one of them is your original...... then you forfeit your original 1st. .... regardless of what the other pick is.
C.) - If you own multiple picks and none of them are your original then you forfeit the pick that is closest to your original pick in the order.... regardless of direction.

if you originally owned the 1.6.... and now you own the 1.5 & 1.8...... you'd forfeit the 1.5.
if you owned the 1.3.... and now own the 1.1 & 1.6..... then yes, you'd forfeit the 1.1.
if you owned the 1.10..... and now own the 1.1 & 1.12.... then you'd forfeit the 1.12.
a dice roll will determine the pick.... if you own 2 picks exactly in the middle of your original pick. For example if your original pick was 1.9, and you now have picks 1.7 and 1.11, you roll the dice. 3 100 sided dice = maximum roll of 300. If you roll 151 or higher you give up the highest pick of the 2, which is 1.11, if you roll 150 or lower you give up the lowest pick of the 2, which is 1.7.

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