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16 team dynasty league has 3 openings, IDPs, no salary cap, with flex and superflex spots

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New 16 team Dynasty League with IDPs, no salary cap, with flex positions has openings left.  If you are not an active, mature, and committed owner, find another league please.  While some smack talk is perfectly allowable and expected, whiners, sore losers and rude/offensive people will be punted with no refund and little warning. That said, we’re all grown men so buck up a bit and deal with any interpersonal issues yourself as the Commish is not a babysitter.  But, if the person persists, the Commissioner will deal with it as he sees fit.      


Tanking, dumping or cycling waivers will not be permitted and Commissioner will punt, undo, or penalize anyone who the league suspects is violating these rules.  However, if you are just dumb, drunk, useless, or wickedly speculative (we won’t say which we think you are…we’re polite) we will probably overlook such minor transgressions, nobody’s perfect!  


The league has 7 starters on offense: 1QB, 1 RB, 2WR, 1TE, K, plus 1 flex TE-WR-RB, and 7 starters on defense: 2 DL/DE, 2 LB, 2 CB/S and 1 superflex (DL/DE-LB-CB/S).  There is 1 IR and 2 practice squad spots.   The scoring is deep as well and brings balance to things.  In most other leagues, RBs are the star, in this league, a franchise QB is probably the most important role, RBs and WRs are about equal.  Defensive roles, generally scoring slightly lower than offense (about 15-25%) but still significant, are not to be overlooked!  LBs, DEs and CBs are all somewhat equal in scoring.  


Playoffs are top 6 (division winners get top 4 seeds, plus 2 wildcards), top 2 division winners get a first round bye.  Payouts are $250 for super bowl winner, $150 for super bowl loser, $80 for the two conference championship game losers.


We use league safe for funds, $40. There are no other transaction fees, unlimited waiver and roster changes and trades.  Email draft is currently scheduled to begin April 30th after the NFL draft weekend.  It will be an email draft (vets and rookies in one) which will take a week or two to compete (depending on how fast everyone drafts) but allows everyone time research between pics.  We plan to allow trading of draft picks during the draft and throughout the year too.


League ID is 31158, or called "League for Old Timers".  Please reply to this post with questions, or email for an invite.  

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