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Not going to name names :unsure: but it looks like an owner was able to add devys in the offseason through waivers.  This was a huge no-no.


The ONLY time we are able to add devys is during the devy/rookie draft.


We won't do anything this time because it happened months ago but please remember this rule.  


Not sure how it happened but it did.

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I'm not seeing anything untoward but if it did it needs to not be allowed to stand.  Reverse the pickup and make the player not eligible to draft but as a one-time thing let owners bid on him in the waiver run

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Never mind.  My lack of MFL knowledge comes back to bite me in the butt.


Apparently the devys we drafted last year were added to MFL's database as actual players in February and under these players' transaction history it shows them as ADDS.


I should have looked back at last year's draft.  Sorry for jumping the gun, folks.


But good to get this rule out there with two new owners.  Devys are only addable during the rookie/devy draft.


Once we get this train rolling we can entertain drops/adds of these cats but for now this is how it is.


I need a good long drag off my peace pipe.  B)

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