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It seems like all the leagues are turning to money leagues.  I am old fashion I guess, looking for a free ESPN league, no money leagues.  I can provide leagues I have been in on ESPN for 9 years running.  You can see I never quit on my team, gone from worst to first given the chance.  I am 52, competitive, respectful, and I do this to have fun.  I have an MBA degree, worked in corporate America for over 20 years.  I am now disabled and have a bit more time on my hands.  I am looking for a league that has committed owners, integrity, fun, and to make friends along the way.  I am NOT looking for drama, cheating, and tanking.  If you are looking for someone that will be a quality owner let me know.  I do not want to take over a team that needs work.  I have a couple of those and working on them.  


It does not have to be a power house team, it can be a new league, a keeper league, IDP, pretty open to formats.  I like IDP leagues where the defensive guys actually mean something, not token players.  Well enough about me.  if you think I will fit in, shoot me an invite or an email so I can see the team.



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