Who wants to draft this SUNDAY June 3rd?

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Gonna be doing a lot of these instead of stupid mock drafts that people don’t care about and destroy the draft with drafting players not even close to order. 


This league is cheap and a good way to play competative and practice to figure out how drafts are going.  

Everyone makes playoffs so if your team is bad cause early drafting you still can win money in playoffs.


ESPN 12 Team PPR snake draft 

 Sunday June 3rd 5pm Eastern


$5 buy in 

each team plays each other once

all 12 teams make playoffs

Best overall record: $20 
Most points scored: $ 20 
1st place Playoffs: $ 20


money kept with leaguesafe with majority vote. 


If you would like in please leave email below and once league is full I’ll send out leaguesafe link to pay and payment is due right away so we can draft. Thanks

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If your free today/tonight why not jump in it’s only $5 gives you something to do and it’s real drafting rather then mock drafting that doesn’t help, everyone makes playoffs so even if your team sucks you still have something to play for later, 3 chances at $20. 


If your free jump in in we inly need couple more. 

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