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Newly formed variable keeper fantasy football league formed - looking for a couple more owners

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Newly formed variable keeper fantasy football league formed - looking for a couple more owners

14 team, 2 division league consisting of an annual 5 round rookie draft with each team owning a "practice squad", an annual veteran auction draft, the top three rookie spots awarded via lottery, variable keeper system that allows each team flexibility in their individual strategies, plus more.  League takes place on yahoo with admin activities, drafts, etc on a private message board.  Primarily looking for individuals that have extensive experience running a team, knowledge of collegiate prospects and a highly competitive spirit.  Please email at sgtallen (at yahoo dot com) for consideration of being admitted to the league.


Playable Positions will be the following:

Offense - QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K
Defense - DL, DL, LB, LB, DB, DB, Flex D 
Bench - 5 Bench spots
IR - 5 IR spots

Point Values will be the following:

Passing: 25 yds / pt
Rushing: 10 yds / pt
Receiving: 10 yds / pt
Receptions: .5 receptions / pt
Return: 50 yds / pt
Passing TD's: 4 pts / TD
Rushing TD's: 6 pts / TD
Receiving TD's: 6 pts / TD
Return TD's: 6 pts / TD
Turnovers (Fumble Lost/Int): -2 pts / Turnover
2-pt converstions: 2 pts

Solo Tackle: 1.5 pts / tackle
Assist Tackle: .5 pts / assist
Sacks: 3 pts / sack
TFL: 1 pt / TFL
Defended pass: 1 pt / Defended pass
Turnovers (Fumble Forced/Recovered / Interceptions): 2 pts / Turnover
Defensive TD: 6 pts / TD

Keepers Rules

Each team is allotted 5 to 8 keeper slots at the discretion of the team's owner. Standard keeper allowance is 7 keepers. Bonuses and penalties are incurred for keeping any other amount between the minimum and maximum thresholds.

Keeping 7 will incur no penalties or bonuses (meaning you enter the free agent auction with $150).
If an owner keeps 8, the owner will forfeit either $20 auction dollars, or a first round rookie pick at the decision of the owner.
If an owner keeps 6, an extra $20 dollars will be authorized to spend in the auction, giving you a total of $170.
If an owner keeps 5, the owner receives the extra $20, plus an extra pick during the compensation round of the prospect draft which is untradeable.
If more than one team keeps 5 keepers, their compensation picks would be awarded in reverse order of last year's standings. The compensation picks will be awarded between the 1st and 2nd rounds (Comp A draft pick selections).

Upon declaration of keepers, any remaining players that were not keeper eligible will immediately be dropped to free agency. This includes both active rostered players and players dropped from the active roster to reserve roster. Both active and reserve rosters will then be locked for that team until the beginning of the free agency period.

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