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Live draft dynasty startup

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This is a dynasty league with a long-term plan.


14 team dynasty league on Yahoo (1st year)


2nd year and beyond we will be moving to


Live draft will be on Yahoo this coming Wednesday night, 9 pm est.


We will be using groupme for league chat and dm trade negotiations. I will also need everyone to check in the chat at 8:30 pm est to let me know you will be at the live draft.


Anyone who hasn't checked in will be immediately replaced so we can have a full draft room.


The reason I'm starting in on NFL is because I want to make sure we have a strong foundation of owners before we make the jump to a more comprehensive site.


Scoring: Full PPR


Starting lineup: 1qb (6pt td), 2 rb, 3wr, 1 te, 2 flex


Roster: 33 man rosters (our 1st year)


Rosters will cut down to 25 when we move to MFL. However, there will be an additional 8 man taxi squad to stash prospects.


1st year is free


2nd year will be 15


3rd year we will max out at 25 per year


 I would like to go over a few things that I'm looking for and not looking for in owners.


Not looking for


Draft junkies who are just joining another league and don't really care about it because it's free for the 1st year. 😂


Owners who don't have good league etiquette.


Owners who don't plan on being in the league for years and years.


Things I am looking for:


Owners who are active and engaged year-round.


Owners who stay during the down years and continue to build their team


Owners who respond to trade talk and trade offers in a timely manner.


Owners who constantly bring energy to the league.


I run several leagues and have plenty of owners on deck who will takeover for any members who decide to bail and don't follow OUR rules. Want this to be a fun league for everyone. 😉

If interested, dm on this site or email me at


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