Need 1 owner draft tonight hurry in while it’s open.

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Doing a pre 4th of July party draft July 3rd as This more then likely will be my last $5 draft like I’ve been doing. My big leagues are starting soon so gonna take some time off. So if you want in get in right away as these fill up fast.

As most know I’ve been running a lot of these leagues and people love these and fill up fast so get in right away while you can. Everyone has fun in the drafs and they go quick. This league is cheap and a good way to play competative and practice to figure out how drafts are going.


Everyone makes playoffs so if your team is bad cause early drafting you still can win money in playoffs.


ESPN 12 Team PPR snake draft

10PM Eastern

$5 buy in

each team plays each other once

all 12 teams make playoffs

$5 buy in:

Best overall record: $20

Most points scored: $20

1st place Playoffs: $20


Please let me know your email if you want in.

money kept with leaguesafe with majority vote.

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