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Lockout Dropouts League (needing 6 owners)

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3 divisions-Landry Lombardi Walsh divisions 

Updated teams: Redskins Patriots Steelers Vikings Bengals Cards Raiders Falcons Seahawks

* We have league stories & storylines from week to week 

*League polls every week

* Money & Keepers are both up for discussion each season

* Knowledgeable manager of 10+ years & NFL fan since 1983 & breaking down each rosters of all 32 teams

* Money league through league safe fee $15 dollars 

* Will take a vote on draft date

*Keeper increase to be voted on

* Future draft picks can traded to improve you team



Passing yards 1 pts per 25 yards 

touchdowns 4 pts 

Int -2 pts 

Rusing-1 pt per 10 yards 

Rushing TD 6 pts 

Rec 1 pts per 10 yards 

6 points rec TD

fumble rec 6 pts 



Keeper League (Keeping 5)

  1. $15 dollars through League Safe, I am looking for serious & competitive owners who MUST STAY ACTIVE. This league is in its 2nd season, with as of now about 8 solid fantasy owners & its my hope to find another 6 solid owners who will not flake out & really build this league into a solid powerhouse. That is my goal!  I've been managing leagues for the last 10+ years now!  This is a themed league as you will be represented by your favorite NFL team. As of right now the Redskins,Bengals, Patriots,Seahawks,Cardinals, Raiders, Saints are taken as of now. You will be able to trade future draft picks & we will have league storylines week to week.  This league will be subject to increasing keepers & increasing the money in .the future. This money is more like a steak & beer bet for now & just some incentive if you win the league. We will have 1st 2nd 3rd place. Please email me at if your interested I would really like to establish some new solid owners.  Thanks

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