Trade Kupp? (PPR dynasty)

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I'm very high on him, but I'm also pretty good at WR. (Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE & 2 Flex)

I was offered Duke Johnson, Tyrod & Pryor for my Kupp & McGuire.


I could use the RB depth upgrade. (only worthwhile RBs I have are Fournette, Henry & Ingram) Still won the league last year!

WRs are K. Allen, Adams, AJG, E. Sanders, Juju, Doctson


I don't have a backup QB behind Stafford. So it boils down to is the WR downgrade I'd take worth the RB upgrade here.

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This trade is not worth your time or mine but, it always amazes me how people get caught up in trading. You only have Fournette, Henry, and Ingram, plus Allen , Adams, and AJG. There’s a reason you won last year, your team is solid, don’t mess with it. You don’t need sludge players like Duke Johnson, tier 4 at best or Tylenol Taylor. If this guy wants Kupp bad enough, milk a draft pick out of him. Cheers, Jeff.

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