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AGB AFL 2018 Final Roster

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Final @ deadline.  DTS is overflowing, please send offers if interested in anyone.  Willing to package prospects for something good.



Cousins, Kirk                  MIN       QB          $3

Henry, Derrick                TEN        RB          $3

Howard, Jordan             CHI         RB          $3

Kittle, George                SFO        TE           $2

Diggs, Stefon                MIN       WR         $3

Doctson, Josh               WAS       WR         $1

Evans, Mike                  TBB        WR         $5

Watkins, Sammy           KCC        WR         $2

McManus, Brandon      DEN       PK           $1

Ngakoue, Yannick         JAC         DE          $1

Tuitt, Stephon                PIT         DE          $2

Williams, Leonard          NYJ        DE          $4

Hicks, Jordan                 PHI         LB           $2

Jack, Myles                    JAC         LB           $4

Kirksey, Christian           CLE        LB           $2

Milano, Matt                   BUF        LB           $2

Walker, Anthony             IND        LB           $1

Jackson, Adoree            TEN        CB          $2

Hyde, Micah                   BUF        S             $1

Johnson, John                LAR        S             $2


Players: 20 \ Years: 46   


Injured Reserve


Henry, Hunter                 LAC        TE           $4



Allen, Josh                     BUF        QB          $4          DTS-18

Barber, Peyton               TBB        RB          $1          DTS-16

Drake, Kenyan               MIA        RB          $3         DTS-16

Burton, Trey                   CHI         TE           $3

Westbrook, Dede           JAC         WR         $3          DTS-17

Hyder, Kerry                   DET        DE          $2

Lawson, Carl                  CIN        DE          $3          DTS-17

Sheard, Jabaal               IND        DE          $1

Willis, Jordan                  CIN        DE          $3          DTS-17

Reeves-Maybin, Jalen   DET        LB           $3          DTS-17

Smith, Jaylon                  DAL        LB           $4          DTS-16

Smith, Malcolm               SFO        LB           $2         

Edmunds, Terrell            PIT         S             $4          DTS-18

Jones, Josh                    GBP        S             $3          DTS-17

Tartt, Jaquiski                 SFO        S              $3


Players: 15 \ Years: 42






Mayfield, Baker              CLE        QB          $0          DTS-18

Chubb, Nick                   CLE        RB          $0          DTS-18

Godwin, Chris                TBB        WR         $0          DTS-17

Hollins, Mack                 PHI         WR         $0          DTS-17

Miller, Anthony               CHI         WR         $0          DTS-18

Williams, Mike                LAC        WR         $0          DTS-17

Green, Rasheem            SEA        DE          $0          DTS-18

Baker, Jerome                MIA        LB           $0          DTS-18

Hamilton, Shaun Dion    WAS       LB           $0          DTS-18

Warner, Fred                  SFO        LB           $0          DTS-18


Players: 10



Akers, Cam                    DEV        RB          $0          DEVY-20

Edwards, Bryan             DEV        WR         $0          DEVY-19

Harry, N'Keal                 DEV        WR         $0          DEVY-19



Cutler, Jay                     MIA        QB          $0

McCarron, A.J.              BUF        QB          $0

McCown, Josh              NYJ        QB          $0

Adams, Josh                  PHI         RB          $0          DTS-18

Dixon, Kenneth             BAL        RB          $1

Ivory, Chris                     BUF        RB          $0

West, Charcandrick      KCC        RB          $0

Williams, Kerwynn        ARI         RB          $0

DeValve, Seth               CLE        TE           $0

Britt, Kenny                   NEP        WR         $0

Matthews, Jordan         NEP        WR         $2         

Mitchell, Malcolm          NEP        WR         $0          DTS-16

Forbath, Kai                  MIN       PK           $0

Gonzalez, Zane            CLE        PK           $2

Armstead, Arik              SFO        DE          $1

Spence, Noah               TBB        DE          $3
Wolfe, Derek                 DEN       DE          $0

Zettel, Anthony              DET        DE          $1

Casillas, Jonathan         NYG       LB           $0

Gedeon, Ben                  MIN       LB           $0          DTS-17

Hull, Mike                       MIA        LB           $0

Klein, A.J.                       NOS       LB           $1

Onwuasor, Patrick          BAL        LB           $0          DTS-16

Diggs, Quandre              DET        S             $0

Parker, Ron                    KCC        S             $0

Stewart, Darian              DEN       S             $0

Tandy, Keith                   TBB        S             $0


Players: 27



Totals - Active Players: 35 \ DTS: 10 \ Devy: 3 \ Years: 91

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