MD Blue Crabs Final Roster Declaration 2018

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New contracts in bold


Bortles, Blake JAC QB     $2    
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB    $2    
Keenum, Case DEN QB    $3    
Prescott, Dak DAL QB     $3    
Allen, Javorius BAL RB     $2    
Collins, Alex BAL RB    $1    
Grant, Corey JAC RB     $2    
Hunt, Kareem KCC RB     $3        
Ware, Spencer KCC RB    $1        
Goodwin, Marquise SFO WR     $3    
Hurns, Allen DAL WR     $1       
Matthews, Rishard TEN WR     $2   
Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR    $1    
Stills, Kenny MIA WR     $2    
Doyle, Jack IND TE     $3    
Green, Virgil LAC TE     $1    
Hooper, Austin ATL TE     $2        
Vannett, Nick SEA TE    $3    
Janikowski, Sebastian SEA PK    $1    
Succop, Ryan TEN PK    $1    
Clark, Kenny GBP DT     $3    
Irving, David DAL DT (S)     $3   
Robinson, A'Shawn DET DT     $3    
Flowers, Trey NEP DE (Q)    $3    
Okafor, Alex NOS DE     $3
Pierre-Paul, Jason TBB DE     $2    
Barr, Anthony MIN LB     $1    
Brown, Zach WAS LB (Q)     $2    
Burfict, Vontaze CIN LB (S)     $3    
Davis, Demario NOS LB    $2    
Jones, Christian DET LB     $3   
Ogletree, Alec NYG LB     $4    
Crawley, Ken NOS CB     $3   
Darby, Ronald PHI CB     $1    
Ward, Denzel CLE CB      $3  
White, Tre'Davious BUF CB     $2    
Addae, Jahleel LAC S     $2    
Jones, Reshad MIA S        $1    

* Devy, College 34 FA QB (R)    ‐  Drew Lock Missouri (Sr)

Breida, Matt SFO RB DTS-2
Edmonds, Chase ARI RB (R)    ‐  DTS -1
Ekeler, Austin LAC RB    DTS - 2

Henderson, Deangelo FA RB       DTS - 2 
Logan, T.J. ARI RB    ‐    DTS - 2
* Devy, College 20 FA WR (R)    ‐  David Sills V West Virginia (Sr)
Callaway, Antonio CLE WR (R)    ‐    DTS -1
Golladay, Kenny DET WR     DTS - 2
Ross, John CIN WR    DTS - 2
Washington, James PIT WR (R)     DTS -1
Watson, Justin TBB WR (R)    ‐  DTS -1
Thomas, Ian CAR TE (R)    ‐  DTS -1
* Devy, College 24 FA LB (R)    ‐  Cameron Smith USC (Sr)

Edited by HarleyKR07

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I need a contract for Devin Funchess CAR WR


Otherwise, this one is entered. Please double check my work.

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