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NYE Roster

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Goff, Jared LAR QB 2    
Stafford, Matthew DET QB 3    
Hill, Jeremy NEP RB 1    
Hyde, Carlos CLE RB 2    
Lewis, Dion TEN RB 1    
Mixon, Joe CIN RB 5    
Murray, Latavius MIN RB 2 NEW  
Riddick, Theo DET RB 1    
Williams, Joe FA RB CUT    
Allen, Keenan LAC WR 3    
Benjamin, Travis LAC WR CUT    
Boyd, Tyler CIN WR 1    
Carr, Austin NOS WR CUT    
Cobb, Randall GBP WR 2    
Fuller, Will HOU WR 1    
Gordon, Josh CLE WR 1    
Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR 4    
Patterson, Cordarrelle NEP WR 1 NEW  
Switzer, Ryan PIT WR CUT    
Thomas, Michael NOS WR 5    
Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR 3 NEW  
Wilson, Albert MIA WR 1 NEW  
Clay, Charles BUF TE 2 NEW  
Ebron, Eric IND TE 1    
Ertz, Zach PHI TE 1    
Fumagalli, Troy DEN TE (R) CUT    
Carlson, Daniel MIN PK (R) 2 NEW  
Hauschka, Steven BUF PK 2 NEW  
Richardson, Sheldon MIN DT 1    
Armstrong, Dorance DAL DE (R) CUT    
Donald, Aaron LAR DE 2    
Fowler, Dante JAC DE 2    
Ogbah, Emmanuel CLE DE 1    
Anzalone, Alex NOS LB CUT    
Campbell, De'Vondre ATL LB 1    
Morrison, Antonio GBP LB 1    
Mosley, C.J. BAL LB 2    
Perryman, Denzel LAC LB 1    
Vernon, Olivier NYG LB 2    
Williamson, Avery NYJ LB 1    
Adams, Jamal NYJ S 3 NEW  
Adams, Mike CAR S CUT    
Amos, Adrian CHI S 1    
Bell, Vonn NOS S 2 NEW  
Mathieu, Tyrann HOU S 2    
McDonald, T.J. MIA S 1    
Pryor, Calvin FA S CUT    
Williams, Shawn CIN S 2 NEW  






2 years











    Jackson, Lamar BAL QB (R)
        Kizer, DeShone GBP QB
        * Devy, College 22 FA RB (R)
        Clement, Corey PHI RB
        Walton, Mark CIN RB (R)
        Chark, D.J. JAC WR (R)
        Moore, J'Mon GBP WR (R)
        St. Brown, Equanimeous GBP WR (R)
        * Devy, College 36 FA TE (R)
        * Devy, College 26 FA LB (R)


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