Pick up Marshall, ASJ, Jonnu, Keenum, or Flacco?

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Was able to put Goodwin in IR slot, so I have a shot to pick up a flyer.  12-team PPR.  


- I don't have a backup QB, so Keenum or Flacco might be best pickup.

- However, I'm in a bad way at TE (like most).  If Ian Thomas doesn't pan out.  ASJ is available, as well as Jonnu -- taking over Walker's role. QB concerns about the latter. 

- Always nice to pick up another solid WR, and Marshall looks like he could return to pre-2017 form. 


Who would you grab in my situation?




My team (after losing McKinnon and picking up Alf, Breida, Conner, and Lindsay... dropping Cole, Dak, Dez for them. Also swapped Thomas for Eifert yesterday):


QB - Watson

RB - Fournette, Conner, Alf, Breida, Lindsay, Yeldon
WR - Julio, Gordon, Golladay, Fuller, Goodwin
TE - Ian Thomas (Carolina)

DST - Bears

Kicker - who cares?

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I don't think you need Marshall. He wouldn't start over any of the guys you have.

I'd consider dropping AMorris if SF has no faith in him hanging on to the ball this week.

With Keenum and Flacco floating around, I think you'd be ok waiting another week before picking up a backup QB (noone will want Flacco after last night's performance).

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