Not sold on Saquan

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7 hours ago, Inziladun said:

Barkley flashed Brilliance tonight. This offense is still an absolute mess but thankfully for Barkley that only stands to pad his fantasy numbers.

Talent trumps situation

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14 hours ago, CowboysDiehard said:


I drafted him at 1 in a keeper league, and now have him and Zeke as keepers in perpetuity.  Didn't help much this year, I'm 1-4, but for the next several years I'll load up on WRs and TEs in the early rounds.  I might be turning that ol' barge around.


In our league the same thing happened, first pick in round 1 (5 players kept by each team, more like dynasty no restrictions on keepers), he's got a pretty dang good team after finishing last the prior season, believe the bolded were his keepers

QB Rivers/Brees

RB Kamara/Barkley/Conner/McCoy

WR Fitz/Beckham/Golloday/Grant/Higgins/Coutee

TE Rudolph/McDonald

K Bryant


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