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27 minutes ago, Def. said:

I just find the whole "na na na na na told you so" crap some people constantly want to :smash: on around here as condescending and petty.





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On 10/5/2018 at 6:54 PM, 1fastdoc said:

You traded Ebron after last night? Did you not see the googly eyes that Luck had for him? I think they're in love. 


I'll admit, I am bitter, having played Hines last night. 


I traded Ebron before that game, Zack Ertz is and would continue to be my starter, and Ebron had the same bye (draft mistake) so he was not going to play for me. The trade was for Davante Adams (who becomes my WR1) plus a pick (10th round).  Both teams gained about 12-15 points over their total had the trade not been made (Ebron over Hooper, Adams over Cole).

BTW think I mentioned it elsewhere, Drake was dropped in our league and promptly signed off waivers, and was in that owners starting lineup (over stalwarts like J Williams, J Wilkins, Henry and Martin).

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