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So here's the jist.  I am 1-4 in my keeper league, so need to decide to either make a run or prepare for future.  I have Bell as trade bait.  My starting lineup this week is the following


QB = Dalton

RB = Hines / Smallwood / D Freeman (Q) / Breida (D) / Blue

WR = Jeffery / Watkins / Baldwin / Cole / M. Thomas (bye)

TE = Brate


I have the following offers:


Bell = Carson and L. Miller or Carson and Luck   (not a fan of Miller but Carson is enticing)

Bell = Yeldon or S Michel ( would be a 5th rd pick next year)


Any of these worth pursuing?  If not, what is a reasonable return for Bell?


Here are the teams full lineups


Team 1

QB = Ryan / Luck (I am playing this team this week)

RB = Barkley / CMC / L. Miller / Carson

WR = Fuller / Woods / Goodwin / Funchess / Shephard

TE = Njoku


Team 2 

QB = Newton / Watson

RB = Michel / Yeldon / R. Freeman / K Johnson 

WR = A Brown / Thielen / Edelman / Agholor / J. Brown

TE = Kelce


Thoughts peeps?

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Proposed Bell for Michel AND Watson.  Good trade for me?  He'll do Michel straight up but looking to upgrade QB.

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