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McCoy Value?

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If McCoy were to be traded to the Eagles, his value goes WAY up IMO. His current owner in my league is doing fine, but he's the weak link in her lineup so far this season. I'm 4-1 so I kind of want to take a flyer with a trade for him and see what happens. The issue is I just have no idea where his value lies. He had a solid performance last week, and 3 meh weeks prior. I just don't know who off my lineup is a good trade candidate:


QB: Watson, River

RB: Howard, Morris (streaming), Breida, Peterson, Ekeler, Cohen

WR: AB, Boyd, Landry

TE: Hooper (streaming), Engram

K: Vinatieri

DEF: Bears



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I gave up an injured Devonta freeman for him, but I think it depends on what the other team needs and how much do they value a name. seems a lot of people like to trade on name value alone regardless of how they played/outlook on future play.


should definitely get him for peterson or breida,

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