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Cook worth pursuing?

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10 team PPR:

QB: Goff, Wentz

RB: Gordon, Thompson, Ekeler, Lewis

WR: Hopkins, Landry, Boyd, Brown, Ridley

TE: Kelce, Engram

D: Texans

KL: Santos, Lutz (bye)


A guy in my league is trying to unload Dalvin Cook and I could definitely use some RB depth. I know he's hurt but do I take the chance given my situation? He proposed Ekeler and Wentz for Cook and Sterling Shepard (could potentially get him to do A Rob instead if that would be better).


There is another owner who wants to upgrade his TE and mentioned something along the lines of Diggs and Jared Cook for Kelce, or I was even thinking Diggs, Woods, and J Cook for Kelce and Landry. He is deep at WR. Should I try to make any of these deals happen? 

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Ok, I’ll hold off on Cook for now given the risk. Do either of the Diggs trades look good, seem realistic, etc... and if not should I target an RB like Hyde or lynch? I’m 2-3, still have some confidence in my team but feel like making a move gives me a better shot. Appreciate the help!

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