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New CBS weekly pts league

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Looking for 6 or so owners for a weekly lineup points league, 14 teams. League is based on a league I have been a part of for just under 30 years. It will be a typical 10 category point based system with a 39 man roster. 23 starters, 10 bench, 6 minors. All players will be on 3 year contracts which have AB/IP Criteria  to move from one year to the next. So you will normally have opportunity to keep each player you draft for 3 years.  Draft will be held second Sunday of March every year I believe in 2019 that’s the 10th. This eliminates arguing over date. You know when it will be every single year. Draft will be held on CBS so you can be anywhere.

Each owner will have a city used to identify them which will be permanent. You may change your team name as often as you'd like. I had gotten a number of requests for non MLB cities so I decided to go with any large city you'd like. Supposed to be fun after all 😀


Cities taken are



3.Los Angeles

4.Key West

5.Santa Monica 


7.New Orleans

8.St. Louis








With questions you can either email me Atticus Quinn, or Kevin Wheeler at


we can answer questions as well as send out the full league constitution


thank you

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