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Free ESPN Dynasty Baseball Needs 1

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We are a year round league entering our 4th year and are looking for 1 replacement owner. This is a free, salary cap league and we use Proboards for off season activities and to keep track of our minor league systems.

- We use real life player contracts, so when a player becomes a free agent in real life, they are a free agent in our league - We use Cots Baseball contracts for salaries - Free Agent bidding will begin at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. - Off season trading will open the day after the World Series as long as all teams have owners. - Each team controls 3 minor league teams, so if you own the Phillies minor system, you have control of all of their minor league players, ( unless previously traded away) any player they draft in the future or future international signings.

Open team is: - they own Washington, Atlanta, KC minor league systems. This team was the 2017 Champ and 2018 runner up. - Home page.

We are looking for a active owner who will check in daily and respond to trades and emails in a timely manner. Check out the team and read over the rules on the home page, and if you are interested, take a minute to fill out the application on the home page, and the LM (Brian) will get back to you.



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