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For those that didn't make the playoffs, your season is over.  This includes my ragtag bunch of banged up dudes.  I thought I'd type something up to put a picture of what to expect in the offseason leading up to next September.


Key dates: 


Now until May 1 - no transaction period.

Contract years conclude on March 1, 2019 - all players will lose 1 year on their contracts at this time.

Ongoing - discussion on league rule changes/scoring changes.

May 1, 2019 - Free Agent Bidding Opens for the year - please check in with the commissioner prior to May 1 or notify the league of your retirement if you do not want to be involved in the league. 

prior to June 24, 2019 - if any owners have not checked in (via email or this forum), a new owner will be sought for that team.

July 15th - Rookie draft begins via email (4 rounds).

August 1, 2019 (or a touch later depending on how the rookie draft goes) - Restricted Free Agent Bidding Opens for the year (players on other teams that have zero years remaining on their contracts may be bid on).

Sunday before the first thursday night game in september - contracts due - back down to 40 years and 20 player cap.


Remember, the 20 player cap is no longer in effect until the sunday before the start of next season.  


Let me know if you have any questions.

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Updated info on league rule discussion, rookie draft start date.

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1 rule I'd propose to implement now.....We should have to pay our League fees before the Rookie draft, In my mind the draft is the start of the new seasons activities, and we should pay prior to participating in league activities. 


prior to July 15th - League Fees Due (in lieu of when contracts are due (Sunday before 1st game)).

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Fix the defensive scoring, or get rid of team defenses. IDP would be better.


Get rid of kickers, too. And expand the rosters. 


Redo the entire league and make it an auction.

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Thank you for you thoughts and proposed rule changes Alex.


I have created 5 different topics/threads to discuss your comments / proposed changes.

  1. 1.  Team Defense
  2. 2. IDP Defense
  3. 3. Remove/Keep Kickers

4.  Expansion of Rosters

5.  Redrafting League Auction Style


please post any further comments about these topics in those threads to keep the related comments complied in 1 location for other owner review and future owner rule change voting.


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Alex - thanks for bringing these items back up.


Shane thanks for starting discussion threads on each topic.  I'd encourage everyone to discuss each idea separately.  Please feel free to bring up other ideas as well.


As per rules, we need at least 4 owners supporting a rule change to put a league rule change up for vote.  8 owners need to support the vote in the offseason to make a change (all 12 during the season to make a change).

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