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Not looking for a rookie dynasty league owner, need 1 experienced FF enthusiast who understands what this is and is looking for another long term league. (I also run a 12 team league, with nearly identical rules, and have many owners who are in both of these leagues. For any long time huddles, both of these leagues are based on the world dynasty leagues that where hosted here several years back - the majority of which have folded, hence I started these)


So, about the league:


T2 (for short) is in its 3rd year, A 16 team, salary cap ppr big play idp 45 man active roster with 13 man dts and positional scoring (DT de lb cb and S all required and score differently)  19 starters (11 on def).  8 round rookie draft, the 1 open team has all of its picks, except its 3rd. Hosted on mfl.


 $30 US held in leaguesafe,  and a link to the rules can be found here.  (Although I do need to update a few



Pm me if your interested, please link a similar league (s) that your apart of (again, not looking to teach salary cap concepts, or idp to new owners) 


 We had 2 openings,  1 spot filled and if either owner wishes we will do a  dispersal draft, 

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Bump 13 committed to returning, 1 I have yet to hear from, 1 out, 1 on the fence.


 My 12 team had all owners returning

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