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Champ round A. Brown question

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As title states, I'm in the 2nd week of our championship round in a 10 team ppr league with the following team:

QB: Foles

RB: Mixon, J. Richard

WR: A. Brown, K. Allen, R. Woods

TE: C. Herndon

D: Saints

K: H. Butker

Bench: Kamara, Ingram, L. McCoy, J. Nelson, D. Hamilton

I am up by 13 points but with the possibility of Antonio not playing I had planned to sub in Jordy; thoughts on Jordy or Hamilton if no AB?

Also what is the trust lvl of the Chargers and K. Allen this game; should i look to sub him out as well?

Thankx in advance!

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This is exactly why I hate week 17 Championship games, it's a crap shoot. I'd say start Allen if he's healthy but he may be in the hot tub by halftime relaxing. It sucks. 

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