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10 Keepers for 2019

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I'm in a 12-team .5 PPR auction league with a $200 cap. Roster is 20 players (start QB/2RB/3WR/TE/K/D), we protect 10 in mid-February (lose everyone else), and keep 0-10 of those in August. We can trade after the fantasy playoffs end after Week 16. Player values go up $5/year, $$ shown below are 2019 #s -

QB - Luck ($13), Winston ($7)
RB - Cook ($27), Michel ($15), Chubb ($11), Ajayi ($8), Guice ($7), R. Jones ($6), McGuire ($6)
WR - Hilton ($44), Diggs ($21), Jeffery ($16), Fuller ($15), Godwin ($9), Sutton ($8), Pettis ($6)
TE - Kittle ($10), Henry ($6)


Which 10 players do you protect?

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I would add Guice to the list so you can see what happens with AP.  And since it doesn't cost anything I would also add Sutton to the list.

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So I could not see myself keeping Hilton at that price tag, and effectively traded him and Pettis for Devonta Freeman ($21).  I am floating him around, aiming for a couple of players in particular.  If not, he's my #9.  New list:


"Locks" (can trade, will not be cutting)

Luck - $13

Cook - $27, D. Freeman - $21, Michel - $15, Chubb - $11, Guice - $7

Diggs - $21, Godwin - $9

Kittle - $10


9 spots - $134


Last spot - H. Henry - $6/Sutton - $8/Jeffery - $16/Fuller - $15/Ajayi - $8/R. Jones - $6/McGuire - $6/Winston - $7

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