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2018's late arrivals, Henry and Cooper, how will they do next year

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Couple of perplexing guys.  Henry, who I had basically given up for dead after underperforming for 2.5 years, suddenly comes alive, running with more aggression, and looking like a monster.  I really don't understand what changed.  Maybe all the weight room work paid off, supplemental enhancements, or maybe he figured out he'd be done in the NFL if he didn't change his game;  or maybe simply opportunities.  I don't know.  It sure seemed like he got opportunities before. 


Cooper seems like he needed a change in scenery, but it's confusing to me anyway why he was so unproductive in Oakland.  I didn't see many games so I don't know if it was Carr that was the issue or what.  


How do you feel each will be in 2019? 

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It is a big question for both. 


Henry had the monster game which in itself isn't that big of a reason to expect change but the Titans continued to use him heavily - 33, 21 and 16 carries in the last three games. It was a surprise that he was so under-used all season with mo more than 12 carries per game most of the time and even five games with 10 or fewer. I still have to think he is very matchup dependent. And he doesn't catch more than one pass per game. 2019 is the final year of his rookie contract so he'll have every reason to want to do well.  I imagine I will rank him higher next year than I did this year but I still don't like he never catches the ball much.


Cooper is another tough one to me. He looked great a couple of times in OAK this year but mostly flopped. He went to Dallas and had two monster home games but never scored in any of the other six and hasn't been better than 32 yards in his last three games. It could be interpreted that defenses have enough game film on him now to defend him.  And it is bothersome he still hasn't really shown up in an away game. What he does in the playoffs will be very key to valuing him IMO.

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