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playoffs lets go!

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$25 per entry - Allowed 2 entries

You can send your entry fee(s) via paypal (Don't add paypal note). I'll email you to confirm I got your buy-in.


1st: 55%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 10%
4th: 7%
5th: 3%

To create a second entry, click “My Team” on the drop down, then click the gear emoji next to your team name. Towards the bottom, click the option “Create Another Team”.

The league access information is:
  League ID: 65556
  League Password: touchdown

If you are not already a Fantasy Postseason member, please create an account at and sign up for that Fantasy League with this link

How This Works:
Each member will enter a lineup using only one player from each NFL playoff team.

12 Playoff Teams = 12 Total Players

Roster: 2 QB - 3 RB - 3 WR - 1 TE - 1 RB/WR - 1 K - 1 DEF

Members will accumulate points for each player on their roster throughout the entire playoffs.

You will be able to edit your roster after the regular season is over and all 12 playoff teams are known. Once the first game of the first playoff round kicks off, all lineups will be locked for the remainder of the playoffs. All lineups will be hidden till the first game's scheduled kickoff time.

Make sure to check the scoring settings and let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck!

- Ryan

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