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Startup. $200. Leaguesafe. Winner gets payout plus $1200 championship belt!

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Looking to get 10-12 (maybe 14) people that want to commit to a new league.  

League name and theme TBD.  Custom graphics.
$200 buy-in
Assuming 12 teams, $100 from each team will go towards purchasing a custom-made fantasy football championship belt from (estimated value $1200).  Look here:

The remaining ~$1200 will go towards payouts (something like 1st-$700, 2nd $300, 3rd $200).

Is it crazy to spend ~$1200 on a custom belt?  Yes.
Will you be slapping on that belt during a lazy Sunday, while your wife/gf...maybe bf rolls theirr eyes and makes fun of you?  Yes.
Will your friends be jealous of you?  Yes.
Will you be loving every minute of it, grinning from ear to ear?  Absolutely.

So here's the deal.  Before I put work on getting this thing up and running, I'd like a commitment from those that want in.  

Redraft league.  No dynasty.  No contracts.  This is so every year everyone has the same shot at winning the belt every year.

Roster of about 40.
$1000 FAAB.  2 blind bid waivers weekly (Wed/Sat) followed by FCFS (Sat/Sun).

Starting lineup.

Offense (10 players):
QB: 1
RB: 2-4
WR: 2-5
TE: 1-2
PK: 1
Defense (15 players):
DT: 1-2
DE: 2-4
LB: 2-5
CB: 3-6
S: 2-5

Scoring system would be something that resembles rather even scoring across the board, although tilted slightly towards offense to make up for starting 5 more defenders.


For now, that's all I got.  Details can be worked out once we get enough teams, and we can openly discuss and vote on starting lineup/scoring/custom graphic theme if needed.  The only thing that isn't negotiable is that it must be redraft, due to the belt aspect.

Right now what I'm looking for is people to contact me asap that have interest in a league such as this.  Post in this thread or email me at
Let's make this thing a go!!!


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6 teams filled.  6 teams available.  Who's gonna take home the first belt?  Inquire within!

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