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BoTH 32 team IDP league needs 3 owners (CAR, SEA, SF)

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This league is going into it's 11th year.


Looking to find an owner for the Panthers, Seahawks, and 49ers in our 32 team, homer based dynasty IDP league. This league has a lot of fun twists that truly make it one of a kind. It combines such elements as salary cap, contracts, franchise tag designations, various levels of free agency, compensation for lost FA, practice squad bidding, actual 16 week schedule with the seasons NFL opponents. Lots of intricate details that can be found here.  Homers for these teams preferred, but not required.


League is hosted at MFL: here


This is as close to being an NFL GM as you can get.  Dues for 2019 ($50) are already paid.  You would need to pay $50 for 2020 in advance.  Seahawks only need $11 paid for 2020.

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