3 spots needed for community minded 3 sport league

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I'm running a 3 sport 16 team dynasty league through fleaflicker. The league will have fees of either $20 or $30 per year (not per sport) paid through league safe.

We're already an active community even half full

And here's the league constituion

League Overview

The LaMelo Ball League is a three sport dynasty league that’s more intensive than any one sport league. Because there are three sports, there is no true offseason - basketball begins before football ends, baseball before basketball ends and football before baseball ends. Each owner will take charge of three teams, a baseball, basketball and football team, and the goal is to build a good franchise in all sports. The league values being above average at all three sports instead of being spectacular at one and mediocre at the other two. Each league owner will have the ability to trade across sports at any point during the year aside from league playoffs. This forces teams to evaluate a players value not only in its own sport but also in other sports.

Divisions and Scheduling

The league is 16 teams large and those teams will be split into two conferences. Each conference will have two divisions. The four four-team divisions are called the Bill Walton Division, the Johnny Football division, the Nathan Peterman Division, and the Bartolo Colon Division. The league will have a focus on playing division rivals and conference foes more than inter conference foes.

Scheduling works as follows:

Football: 13 week regular season, 3 week playoffs. In the regular season, a team will play all three of its division opponents twice (6 games), its four other conference teams (10 games total), as well as three more complicated games.

Two games will be between the teams that finished in equal position in their division from the opposing conference

Example: if a team finishes in 2nd in the Bill Walton Division, it will play the 2nd place team from both the Nathan Peterman Division and the Bartolo Colon Division.

The last last game will be played in week 13 of the season. In it, at the beginning of the year the team that finished 1st the previous year gets to pick an opponent. Then, the highest finisher from the previous year gets to pick a separate opponent.

For example, team no 1 might pick team 16, hoping for an easy win. Team 2 has a rivalry with team 3 and doesn’t get to play them often, so team 2 chooses team 3. Team 3 won’t get to pick a team, because it’s already scheduled a game, so team 4 chooses next. At this point team 4 can choose any team besides 1, 2, 3, and 16.

For the playoffs, the top 8 teams will make the playoffs. These 8 teams are the top two teams in each division. Tie breaker is in division record - these division games are really important.


There will be 18 weeklong matchups in fantasy basketball, as well as 3 weeks of playoffs. Once again, the top two teams in each division will make the playoffs.

In the 18 week long regular season, each team will play its divisional rivals twice and all other teams once. Format will be h2h 9-cat. In the event of a tie, tie breaker will once again be divisional record.


There will be 22 regular season matchups in the fantasy baseball league.

Each team will play the 8 teams in the other conference once.

They will also play the 4 teams in the other division in the same conference once. (12 games total)

They will play the teams in their division twice. (6 more games, for 18 games total.)

The final four games will feature one game under the same rules as football. “In it, at the beginning of the year the team that finished 1st the previous year gets to pick an opponent. Then, the highest finisher from the previous year gets to pick a separate opponent.” The only exception is that no two teams can pick the same team twice.

The last three games will ensure that each team who finished first in their division the previous year plays all three other teams that finished first in their division the previous year three more times.

League Standings

Each position in a league is worth one point. As such, 16th place is worth one point, 15th two, etc, all the way up to 1st, which is worth 16 points. Winning a playoff tournament for the championship awards 5 bonus points.

Final standings for the year are simply the combined point totals from all three leagues. As such the lowest possible score is 3, the highest is 63 (16x3 + 5x3). Likely, no team will reach either extreme.


Dues for a season will always be $10. Additionally, the first season there will be $20 additional charge. $10 of that will be towards website expenses. The other $10 will be the dues for the 2020 season. Each year members will pay for the year ahead so that if a member drops out, the new member has a season free.

As far as payouts go, $100 to the overall winner, $20 to 2nd place, and $10 to third place as well as the winners of each sport.


Scoring for all leagues will be standard. For example, that means no ppr for football and 9 cat h2h for basketball.


Trading across sports is encouraged. The commissioner will ask two members of the league to join him in a trade review committee.

In general, the goal is to have very few trades vetoed. A trade must be so bad as to likely be caused by collusion to be veto-able.

The Draft

The first 12 rounds of the draft will be a slow draft, via email. These will be cross sports, with each team required to take 4 players from each sport. Teams may, however, take these players in any order they desire.

After those 12 rounds, the commissioner will manually enter those 12 players into each player’s team. From that point onward, each league will have a live start up draft shortly before the season starts (Baseball in March, football in August, and basketball in October.)

After the first year, each year will feature a rookie draft per sport. The draft will be 5 rounds long in football and baseball and two in basketball. These rookie drafts will make up all players who have yet to play in the highest levels of the sport up to that season. (Ie, while you can draft minor league baseball players, you are not able to pick them up as free agents during the year until they debut.)

The rookie drafts will be in reverse order of standings, with the bottom three teams participating in a lottery for the first overall pick.


Basketball will have 13 player rosters, 10 starters and 3 bench. Additionally there will be two IR slots.

Baseball will have standard 26 total roster spots, with 5 of those being bench, 13 being starting hitters, 2 SP spots, 2 RP spots and 4 P spots. Additionally there will be 2 DL spots.

Football will have 28 roster spots. Starting each week will be one QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 SuperFlex, 1 kicker and one DST.

Active Ownership

All teams are asked to commit to three years in the league when joining. If leaving, it is preferred that you find a replacement. If you can’t find a replacement, commish will.

If any team goes 15 days without making any roster moves (even if that’s just to bench someone) they will be considered inactive.

Additionally, in the time between seasons (seasons flip after fantasy basketball, so even though the first few weeks of baseball start, the season doesn’t wrap up until early April) there will be a vote on any particularly inactive managers. If 12 or more managers vote that someone should be kicked out they will.

Commish Powers

To prevent commissioner abuse, after each season if 12 members or more of the league vote to remove the commish from his position they may do so - only if there is another volunteer for commish.

Additionally, draft order for the dispersal draft at the beginning will take place during a skype or hangouts call with at least one other member to prevent cheating.

Other rules

The league will use discord as its primary means of communication.

The league will be run through fleaflicker.



Email for more info and the discord link

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