Looking for new teams (12-team H2H Points, FoxTrax)

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Here's the scoop... 

Details (nothing set in stone): 

H2H, 12-team (preferred)

$75 league fee (Due March 22)

No transaction costs/limits

Weekly lineups

28-man roster

Live Snake Draft: 5PM PT/8PM ET on March 24th

Holds Rewarded


C -1

1B - 1

2B - 1

SS - 1

3B - 1

MI - 1

CI - 1

OF - 4

UT - 1

SP - 4

RP - 2

P - 3

Bench - 7

DL - 3

Free Agents: 1st come first serve.

Waiver: Reverse standings order

Non- Keeper/Re-draft league 

No Trades

Eliminated Teams locked from transactions

That's the basics. I'm sure there is more, but this is the skeleton we used on prior seasons.

If interested, please let me know here or at

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