Free ESPN H2H each cats keeper needs 3 replacement owners

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I'm looking for 3 replacement owners in a free ESPN H2H each cat league. It's a keeper league going on it's 11th season with 12 owners. It's 6x6 with OBP and K/BB being the extra cats. Here's the league settings: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=7444

Teams can keep up to 6 players. If an owner chooses to keep fewer than 6, they will get picks in earlier rounds instead. (ie. if a team keeps 5 players, they count as their picks for rounds 1-5 and the team will be able to draft another in round 6).

Here's the teams available and a few notable players:

Cubs - Yelich, JD Martinez, Soto, Greinke

Rangers - Guerrero Jr., Nola, Syndergaard

Dodgers - Arenado, Acuna, Benintendi, Kluber

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I'll take the Dodgers.. 



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