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Looking for serious GM's for 4-sport H2H Yahoo super league!

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Hello everyone, I am looking to put together a 4-sport super Yahoo league of champions (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA). I have three managers so far (including myself) and I would like a full 12 franchise league. The league will of course begin with baseball in April. The buy-in will be $250 for each sport. $200 of that will go towards prizes in each league. $50 will go towards the end of the season Manager of the Year award so that will be a hefty $2400 win! The MotY award will be scored off a points system based on regular season finishes combined with playoff finishes. This will drive competition and make every spot in the standings important. I am also considering allowing 8/12 teams to make the playoffs in NHL, MLB and NBA to further drive competition. The NFL league will still have byes. The NBA league will be H2H points and not categories (slightly simpler to play).

This may sound like a lot of effort and it will be so I want only the most avid sports fans. I would encourage GM's to find a co-manager who can help lighten the load or take care of the sports you might be less interested or experienced in. Co-managers can also take over for "retiring" GM's and make our community larger.

Each league will have the following prize format: $200 for reg season top seed, $200 for 3rd place playoffs, $400 for 2nd place playoffs and $1600 for league champion.

Collusion and abandoning teams will result in automatic removal from the league following the end of that league. Zero tolerance on this! As commish, I will have veto power on trades. My policy is to only veto collusion or the most obviously lop sided deals. As long as BOTH managers can justify their rationale and logic for making a trade then it will be fine with me. I do not protect managers from stupid trades, for lack of a better term, and I do not veto based on my personal opinion of whether it is fair or not. Only the most extremely lop sided deals would be veto'd.

About me: I am a 34 year old male from Canada. I have played fantasy sports since 2003. I was one of the most active managers during 00's on The Sporting News before they shut down all of their games. I have played fantasy and commish'd virtually every sport and every league format (minus auction). During the past 10 years, I have mostly played NFL, MLB and NHL leagues on Yahoo with friends and friends of friends. I have recently started playing DFS more often and it has rekindled my passion for fantasy.

I do not currently use Facebook but once the league has filled then I will sign up and create a group for everyone. This is where everyone can get to know each and discuss anything league related or otherwise.

Email me at if interested. Please provide a little bit of you background including age, location, and history as sports fan/fantasy player (fav teams, fav sports, been to any interesting sports events, etc.). I welcome people from all walks of life. Hope to see you join this league. It will be one of a kind!

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